Jeff Spicer Piano

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Biography                                                                                 JEFF SPICER

   I have been playing piano all of my life. I started at age 8 with 5 years of private piano lessons with 

Eudora Lee. Ms. Lee was Classically trained as a student of San Francisco Conservatory of Music and College of the Arts in Oakland. I learned a foundation in music with a strong training of Classical technique and reading music. From 1984 to 1989 I studied music at West Valley College and San Jose State University. At the same time I was the keyboardist for local rock band The Recruits and for 3 years we performed at South Bay area nightclubs and parties. In 1987 I began composing solo piano pieces and later released my first CD in 1994 entitled LOOKING BACK. In 1989 I graduated from San Jose State University with B.A. degree in Theater Arts, with Emphasis in Music. Throughout the 1990's, I continued to compose and record piano music in my home studio. In 2000, I began teaching group piano lessons at Sherman Clay in Santa Clara. In 2001, I started teaching exclusively private lessons. I also continued to write music and have composed over 100 piano and vocal songs over the last 25 years. In the past five years I have also received advanced Classical piano training from teachers Martan Mann, Holly Lasky, Eileen Shaffer, and Eudora Lee. I have attended piano workshops with Randall Faber, Melody Bober, Lori Bastien, Carol Matz, Mona Rejino, Lee Evans, Christos Tsitsaros, Phillip Keveren, Tom Gerou, and Kevin Olson. I am married, the father of two children, and reside in Campbell, CA. I was pianist at my church, His Glorious Church in Santa Clara for 20 years and I have been teaching piano lessons full-time since 2000 and currently teach 50 weekly students.