Jeff Spicer Piano

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"Our son worked with Jeff Spicer once a week for more than 3 years. His progress was steady and rapid and he gained confidence quickly. Jeff's gentle and encouraging manner established a strong personal connection that made practice and performance self-motivational for our son, who can now sight read and play fairly advanced material. We found Jeff through other families at our elementary school, and we wholeheartidly recommend him to other parents considering        

in-home piano lessons for their children."

- Kelly and Joe Seither   Los Altos, CA

"Jeff Spicer always has encouraging, positive, and motivating lessons. My son Lucas is enjoying learning piano with him and has been improving steadily."

- Anne Dumontier   Los Altos, CA

"My son has been taking piano lessons from Jeff for 3 years, and we really like him. Jeff is a composer and really enjoys playing and writing music himself. This enthusiasm comes through in his teaching. Jeff is friendly, encouraging, flexible, and loves to help kids learn to play music they appreciate. The year end recitals are delightful and fun including popular tunes, movie soundtracks, video game songs, as well as Classical and traditional pieces."

- Stephanie Hood   San Jose, CA

"Jeff has done an excellent job teaching our daughter Kaela over the past 4 years, adapting his lessons to fit her interests, needs, and ability. He has taught Kaela a wide range of music, as well as substantially improving her knowledge of music theory and composition. Kaela is a self-motivated student with high expectations and Jeff has done a fine job meeting her expectations as well as ours."

- David Cohan   Los Altos, CA

"Jeff is indeed talented, patient, organized and always on time. He ensured my daughter learned the classics, but he was also great about her learning music that she listened to on a daily basis. He makes absolutely sure that his recitals are low key and are about the kids enjoying the performance and not going for perfection. She made excellent progress with him!"

- Adrienne Speciale   San Jose, CA

"Thank you so much for teaching Vienna and Tyler. I have seen so many friend's kids play piano and stop because they didn't enjoy it. You made learning piano so enjoyable for Vienna and Tyler. I rarely had to push them to practice. Tyler's level of playing exceeded my expectations and I am happy that Vienna enjoys piano."

- Tzielan and Frank Liu   Mountain View, CA

"Thanks for being such a wonderful teacher!"

- The Noymers   Los Gatos, CA

"We would like to recommend Jeff Spicer.  He was our son's piano instructor for a few years. Jeff is a great teacher choice.  He is adaptable to the student's style, interests, and schedule. He knows so much music and always takes his student to the next piano performance level with easiness."

- The Huber & Zuniga Family    Sunnyvale, CA
"Five of our children have been taking piano lessons from Mr. Spicer for several years. All of our kids have very different personalities and skill levels. Mr. Spicer has done a wonderful job of working with each of them. They have made consistent and remarkable progress in technical skill, theoretical understanding of music and, more important to me, their very musicality; that is, their love and understanding of music." 
- Mike Nichols   Los Gatos, CA

My son Jesse is 13 years old and has developed a love for the piano under Jeff Spicer's teaching. I have tried for years to get my son interested in music lessons. Since Jeff started teaching Jesse piano, I find my son at the piano several times a day practicing. He is always excited to play for me the new songs he is working on and showing me his progress! Jeff Spicer has inspired my son.

- Dena Galang   San Jose, CA

Jeff Spicer has been teaching my children for the past 8 years. Jeff, with his teaching style, patience and fun attitude, has instilled in our children a love for the piano and a confidence towards learning any new piece of music that is put in front of them. I very much appreciated Jeff's flexibility in his teaching approach for each of our children. Kids are different and have different learning styles and abilities at different times in their life and I am so happy that I found a teacher who understands and embraces those differences. Jeff was able to adapt his teaching knowledge to keep each of our children engaged, challenged, and having fun in the process of learning to play the piano! I highly recommend Jeff Spicer as a professional piano teacher.

- Jacqueline Phillips   San Jose, CA

Having piano lessons with Jeff Spicer in our home was such a positive experience for all three of my children. He is an understanding and encouraging teacher. He made the lessons fun by choosing songs that fit each of their individual personalities and adapting lessons to fit each of their individual needs.

- Janet Asay   Los Altos, CA

As an adult student, I really appreciate Jeff's patience and teaching style. He worked with me to reach my goal, and he was always positive and encouraging. I especially liked that over the years we covered a variety of styles, but he also took into consideration my preferences. Other bonuses for me were that he came to my home, he was great with scheduling and communication, and his prices were very reasonable. I definitely recommend Jeff for piano lessons for children or adults.

- Susan McDowell   Santa Clara, CA

I have been taking in-home piano lessons from a great teacher, Jeff Spicer, for over a year. I highly recommend him! I played years ago as a child and decided I would dust off the keys and start up again. Jeff is patient and makes playing and learning fun.

- Sandy Hietala   Campbell, CA

Jeff, I just wanted to thank you for being such a great teacher for Eden and Everett. You have such an ease about you, and you make learning piano more of an enjoyable and fun journey into music. Thank you for helping Eden find her enjoyment of piano again and helping Everett see that he can make music too! We are so blessed to have you as their piano teacher and mentor.

- The Wons   San Jose, CA

Thank you so much Jeff! You have been such a wonderful piano teacher for Rachel. She has grown so much under your tutelage!!

- Katy Gipstein

Jeff, thank you for being an understanding and patient teacher to Amara for all these years. Ive appreciated your laid back approach and teaching style as well as

willingness to adapt during COVID. Your positive influence has been great and Amara will remember all the basics and use that throughout her life.

-Dierdre Jones